In our continuing support of community health and under the guidance of the Public Health order for Madison and Dane County under Phase Two, please be advised of Madison Property Management’s adjustments regarding our services.

Office Hours/Visits:
The Regent Street office is open, however there is a maximum limit of two people allowed in our lobby at one time. We kindly ask that appointments be made prior to your visit. As of July 13th, everyone who enters the office must wear a face mask. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM and Saturdays 10:00AM-2:00PM.

We kindly ask that all payments either be paid via USPS, online through your tenant web access portal, or placed in our drop box to the right of our Regent Street entrance. If you need to pay in-person, please call the main office during business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM) to make an appointment.

MPM staff and prospects will be required to wear masks, gloves and shoe coverings. Additionally, MPM will not allow for more than 2 prospects to be present per showing. We will provide at minimum a 24-hour advance notice.

All MPM staff will be required to wear masks, gloves and shoe coverings when entering any occupied units. Tenants will be provided a minimum of 24-hour notice for all maintenance entries. Please note, no notice will be given for common area and/or exterior maintenance and/or landscaping needs.

Community Spaces:
All communal spaces will remain closed at this time. Madison Property Management will re-evaluate this policy at a later date.

It is MPM’s goal to continue to monitor the Public Health Orders and keep you informed regarding any adjustments to MPM’s services.

For additional information, please visit the Department of Public Health for Madison and Dane County at
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MPM ofrece la variedad que necesita cuando busque departamentos en renta. Con más de 3,500 propiedades, Nuestro EXTENSO portafolio tiene algo para quien busca hogar. Vea nuestro listado completo o busque de acuerdo a sus necesidades específicas. También puede llenar una solicitud en línea o imprimirla y enviarla por fax, correo regular o correo electrónico. Si tiene preguntas por favor comuníquese a nuestra oficina. También tenemos lugares de estacionamiento para renta. ¡Esperamos poder servirle con sus necesidades de vivienda!

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En MPM tenemos algunos departamentos de lujo, pero también tenemos propiedades en el area del Campus, casas solas, pisos, casas duplex, pequeños departamentos y más. Ya sea que busque departamentos de una recámara, dos o algo completamente diferente, ¡nosotros podemos ayudarle!
Vea nuestro listado de departamentos en Madison WI o utilice nuestro motor de búsqueda para encontrar sus preferencias específicas. Puede llenar una solicitud en línea, imprimirla, enviarla por fax o correo.
  • 1174 Stonewood Crossing
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  • 200-232 Foxdale
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