Located on Madison's West Side, this complex offers both townhome and apartment style units. Each unit comes equipped with a washer/dryer and storage space, and there is also an outside grilling area! Call today for more information!

Instalaciones & Amenidades del Edificio:

Instalaciones & Amenidades de la Unidad:

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Dirección ZonaCiudadTipoRecamarasBañosSuperficieMascotasDisp.RentaEstac.Fotos
6717 Fairhaven Rd #2 West Madison Townhome 2+Estancia 2.50 1458 C+D Now $1,450 Under Pics
6749 Fairhaven Rd #305 West Madison Apt. 2 1.75 1009 C 10/23 $1,165 Under Pics