Interested in multi-resident housing, but still need roommates? Our roommate service is a great resource for finding people to live with. Please complete the form below as thoroughly as possible to sign up.

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Once we receive your submission, we will email you a list containing the contact information of everyone else who is looking for roommates. It is up to you and the others on this list to contact each other (via email or phone). The list is sent out at least once per week and we can remove you at your request. Once you determine who you want to live with, Madison Property would be thrilled to help you find the apartment or home that best meets your needs.
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I hereby understand that Madison Property Management, Inc. (MPM) will attempt to assist me in finding roommates with whom to share housing. I fully understand that MPM may or may not be successful in finding roommates that are satisfactory to me. I hereby agree to allow MPM to provide the above personal information to prospective roommates and I will not hold MPM responsible in the event anything adverse results from the attempts MPM makes to find me a roommate. I understand that the completion of this form does not create a guarantee by MPM that they will find an acceptable roommate for me and it does not create an obligation that I will sign a lease with a roommate prospect provided by MPM.

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